Bound by Steel ~excerpt

“So have you worked for the chancellor before?” Lianon asked, dipping a dampened cloth in a bowl of menthol and soda and lifting it to her mouth.


“The old one, yes,” Gil said, loosening the laces at the neck of his shirt. “Fat old bastard with a sick sense of humor. I don’t know about this new fellow, though. He’s only been in office a few months. Take off your clothes.”


Lianon’s stomach flipped over. His tone hadn’t changed in the slightest—gods, he wasn’t even looking at her—but at his words her heart started to kick against her ribs. She gave her teeth one last scrub and set her cloth down. Slowly, she turned to face him.


“Do it quickly, would you?” he said lightly, his eyes finally coming to rest on her. The heat in them turned her knees to water. Without a word, she began to work her laces loose and pulled her shirt off over her head. His gaze fastened on her breasts, too small to really warrant binding of any sort, but his favorite part of her body, she knew. Smiling to herself, she drew her fingers across her pebbling nipples to tease him. One glance told her his cock was hard and straining against the confinement of his clothes.


“Trousers,” he said, no lightness left in his voice now. He tugged his shirt free of his waistband and began to work it up his torso, but seemed reluctant to disrupt his view long enough to pull it off over his head. Smiling wider, Lianon unbuttoned her trousers and untied the drawstring of her drawers, and let them slide down her legs to rumple at her feet. Slowly she lifted one bare foot free, then the other.


His throat-knot worked visibly as he swallowed. “Every day I forget how beautiful you are,” he whispered. “Get on the bed.”


She obeyed the letter of his command, if not the spirit, sitting primly on the edge of the mattress with her knees together, grinning up at him. “Kiss me.”


His answering grin was wolfish, and he dragged his shirt the rest of the way off. “Open your legs, and I will, love.”


Her belly tightened, her nipples were aching points, and the place between her legs throbbed with awareness. Gods, she was on fire and he hadn’t even touched her yet. Glancing slyly up at him, she opened her legs a hand’s breadth. He dropped to his knees in front of her, reaching up to cup the back of her head and draw her to him. His lips toyed with hers, his tongue flitting between them. Her own joined his, chasing and playing until she was filled with his taste, salt and wine and an undercurrent of earthiness that was just him. His other hand crept up her torso and began to tug on her nipple, twisting and plucking, each touch sending a bolt of pleasure snaking down to her pussy.


“Wider,” he muttered against her lips. “Wide so I can put my mouth where you want it. Wide so I can push my tongue all the way inside you.”


Gods, that he could say such things and not even blush. She inched her legs another notch apart.


His lips left hers and kissed a path down her throat, pausing briefly on her collarbone before taking her nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard, his tongue flicking over the already rock-hard bead and she couldn’t suppress a moan as the pleasure hovered briefly toward the edge of pain.


“Wider,” he insisted. He pulled back and stared down at what he could see of her sex, his eyes dark and his face set. His chest was heaving, and she thought of teasing him a bit more. “I want to see your cunt. Show it to me, Lianon.”


All thought of teasing fled. Her sex was pulsating, her clit a straining, yearning bud that needed to be touched. Slowly she lowered her back to the mattress and spread her legs. Wide. She was as flexible as an acrobat, and by the time she reached her limit, her pussy was open to him like the petals of a freshly cut orchid. The cool air of their bedroom kissed her slick, heated folds. His gaze fixed on her swollen nether lips and he leaned in, his hands coming to rest on her inner thighs. Dipping his head close, parting her inner labia with his thumbs, he blew a stream of air across her, then licked her slowly from opening to clit. Her whole body jerked as his tongue hooked under the hood of her nub and wiggled, sending delicious ripples of sensation all the way to her toes.


She grabbed his head with one hand, her fingers tunneling through his dark waves, and tried to pull him closer, but he would have none of it.


“Greedy wench,” he scolded. “It’s bad manners to wolf down a meal.” His tongue slipped back between her folds, circling her clit. “A gentleman should take his time.” He sucked the hard nub into his mouth and nipped it with his teeth, and she bit her lip to keep from screaming as the walls of her cunt tingled and wept. “Savor.” God help her, he was savoring, shoving his tongue up into her channel and lapping up her juices.


She thrust herself toward him, scooting her bottom right to the edge of the mattress, but he only chuckled. Pulling his mouth away, he smiled up at her, his lips and whiskers glistening. “Such eagerness is hardly becoming in a lady.”


Gods, he could be infuriating! “Gil, please, god, just put your mouth on me. Make me come all over it. Please.


He grinned from one ear to the other. “You ask so nicely,” he praised, then dove back in in earnest. Pressing his whole mouth onto her sex, he sucked and licked and teased and flicked and swirled and bit until she was writhing and bucking and moaning. She couldn’t control her movements, couldn’t control her breath. Inside she was coiling like a spring, tighter and tighter. Her clit was as hard as a pebble, standing straight up, and his tongue lashed at it, over and over. Every touch added to the pressure building just inside the swelling, seeping walls of her cunt, and she knew he was purposely keeping her just at the threshold, damn him.


Opening her eyes, she looked down at him as his mouth worked her pussy. His gaze was almost worshipful as his eyes met hers. She felt her throat start to close at the sight, at the understanding that he was hers and always would be, and the light of the candles began to fragment amid a haze of tears. Blinking rapidly, she made herself look away.


And saw Kaela standing in the part-open doorway, peering in, her face a combination of horror and fascination. Her eyes met Lianon’s and held, widening at having been caught peeking. But Lianon wasn’t angry or embarrassed. God, no. The other woman’s gaze on her was like pitch poured on a flame. Lianon’s stomach clenched, her pussy began to pulse and without taking her eyes from Kaela’s she was coming.


“Ahhhhh, god, Gil!” she hissed between her teeth, her hand pressing his face hard against her as her cunt spasmed and wept. And the bastard just pushed two fingers up into her and began to stroke the bundle of nerves on the upper wall of her channel, even as he sucked her clit into his mouth once more. Before the first orgasm had time to dissipate, she was plunged into another harder one. A high, keening wail reached her ears. In burgeoning mortification, she realized it was her own voice, a long, wordless cry of agonized pleasure.


In the doorway, Kaela watched silently, her face flushed a becoming pink, her lips parted on swift breaths, one hand raised to touch her scar as if to anchor herself in reality. Lianon saw her through a haze of pleasure that threatened to engulf her, to wring the life right out of her and leave her a limp and wasted scrap of flesh.


Gil stood and stripped off his trousers. Lianon’s gaze briefly left Kaela’s to smile up at him. His cock sprang free, pointing skyward, bedewed with a pearlescent droplet of fluid. Reaching up, she pulled him close as he settled between her legs and thrust. She felt her body mold itself to the shape of him, as if his cock belonged inside her, as if she carried the precise contours of him in her female flesh. His mouth seared a path from her throat to her shoulder, then his teeth sank gently into the rounded muscle there as his rhythm increased. Her gaze lifted to the door again.


Kaela was gone.